Aged Care

  • We provide 75+ Health Assessment
  • 75+ age represents the time at which people are most likely to experience the greatest levels of disability and ill health.
  • If you are or have family member 75 years old or over would benefit from 75+ health assessment.
  • If you are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, you are eligible to a health assessment at any age.
  • This is annual health check funded by Medicare Australia so that there is no cost to patient.

This health check includes:

  • Patient’s personal medical health issue
  • Identify factors that can contribute person’s physical, mental health
  • Identify factors that can impact person’s social functions and influence quality of life
  • Provided home medication review in case of multiple and complex medication regimen.
  • Annual check includes blood tests, ECG, follow-up of medical condition and early referral.
  • Dementia assessment and early referral if required.
  • Functional assessment of daily life activities assessments (shopping, cooking, driving, banking etc).
  • Also plan for home safety/ annual immunization including influenza and pneumonia vaccine.
  • Chronic Disease Health Care Plans/Heart Checks and Arthritis / Osteoporosis Care